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Keeping Up With The Trends In The Marketing Industry

Do you ever find yourself at a networking event just smiling and nodding your head at the speaker? It’s not fun.

It is not a secret that with all the bloggers and writers on the Internet, we now live in a world of information overload. Still, I find it fascinating how easy you can fall out of the trend and miss out on new developments in the industry. 

Being an aspiring entrepreneur who’s starting a business in digital marketing can be overwhelming (the competition is wild). It requires substantial knowledge of the field. It requires you to learn everything you can about marketing, advertising, PR, SEO, PPC, CPA, KPI and loads of other abbreviations and seemingly made-up words that make your head spin. And not only that, you have to keep up with the news emerging from the industry every day. 

Keeping up with the trends can keep you ahead of the curve. So, I created a list of the best business and marketing related news websites for myself that I can return to every day to read and learn and I’m going to share it with you.

1. Facebook Newsroom and Business

Every digital marketer knows how important Facebook is for reaching the right audience in its niche. Well, not only is it the sacred place for advertisers, but it is also a place to find relevant information regarding technology, innovation, the economy as well as the news directly from Facebook.

The best thing about Facebook Newsroom – it’s free.

2. Instagram Business

Another great and totally free website where you can gather advice, tips, stories and news from the business industry. 

Every now and then you need to read an inspirational or a motivational post to keep your mindset positive and this is the place where you can find them.

3. Think With Google

I am a big fan of this one. As expected from Google, they took a step further even in blogging. Think With Google gives you the news from the business industry like every other website, but they also provide you with the news from local businesses. 

So needed.

4. The New York Times: Advertising and Marketing

Another very important news portal you should read at least once a week to catch up with the trends and be a step ahead of your competitors.

5. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur offers good quality articles about marketing, growth strategies, brand building and many other topics in the business industry.

6. HubSpot

On HubSpot, you will find many “how-to” and “what you need to know” articles. Very useful if you don’t have experience in marketing and you want to promote your business yourself.

7. Medium

A place where amateurs and professionals share their views, stories, experience and advice on various subjects. Even you can join Medium to share stories and potentially earn something if your articles get attention. Subscription is required for this one, but it’s worth it. 

8. Fast Company

I’m not even sure why this one took last place. My favourite thing about Fast Company is their section on Impact. You can find articles from all sectors updating you on innovations and ideas that are changing the world.

Isn’t that something?

Okay, I know this is a lot of every-day reading, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Choose 2-3 favourites and you can read while sipping on your morning coffee. 

Happy learning!

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