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Our Story

We love creative thinking

Loyaltree was born out of passion for digital marketing and design. It is an independent agency specialised in creating innovative branding solutions combined with smart Social Media strategies relevant for your business. 

With the words from one of the most influential people in the marketing industry, Seth Godin, marketing has the power of making a change happen and we believe that putting that power into good use is important. For us, good use means helping startup companies find their spot in the digital sphere. Further, we believe that marketing planning should go hand in hand with creative solutions in order to deliver the desired results to the businesses. 

Long-term strategies

We value smart strategies

Our industry is constantly changing, therefore, to keep up with new trends and provide the best service to our clients, every day we invest in knowledge and development of our skills. We looove a good read. 

We like to think of ourselves as creative problem solvers. Whether you are looking to rebrand your business or you are just starting out, we want to collaborate with you and help you raise your voice within this ever-evolving, business-driven society. 

Our mission

What we do

Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises take full advantage of the endless possibilities of the digital marketing world with an emphasis on Social Media. Nowadays, every business can easily reach its audience by using the right tools and strategies. 

We know how important it is to do our research in order to create a high quality brand or a campaign. It takes time to do things right. We don’t rush. We believe in loyalty and our focus is only you and your business. 


What they said

We are happy to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from restaurants, ecommerce businesses to big educational companies.

Sven Rastovac

Sven Rastovac

Mia Zgorelec

Mia Zgorelec

Marketing Director

Our team

We work with freelancers from around the world. We care about our employees and we give them the freedom to work wherever they feel most comfortable. We know that creativity is not something that appears when you want it, that is why our employees are in charge of their hours. Mental health is something we value deeply and it is within our power to let our employees choose their own pace. 

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